Standards of Practice

Utah State Tax Commission Property Tax Standards of Practice

The Property Tax Division has prepared Standards of Practice to assist in administering Utah property tax laws. The standards present accepted procedures, guidelines, and forms, and are intended to assist county and state officials in the successful administration of the referenced property tax practices.

To view a Standards of Practice document, click on the text labels below. The documents are Acrobat PDF files, and are viewed using the Acrobat Reader.

Forms referenced by the standards can be viewed by visiting the Standards of Practice Forms Master List here.

Board of Equalization


Tax Relief and Abatement


Uniform Fee-in-Lieu

Personal Property Valuation

Real Property Valuation


Farmland Assessment

Urban Farming

Mapping and Parcels


Assessment Roll

Standard 10 is Currently Under Revision - Certified Tax Rates

Personal Property Billing


Real Property Billing

Property Tax Distribution

Manufactured/Mobile Home Housing