Tax Rates
There are two types of tax rates: (1) entity and (2) area. A group of entity rates make up the area rate. The area rate becomes the final tax rate charged by counties against the assessed value of a specific property. Just as households spend money on various budget items, taxing entities frequently have more than one budget. Tax rate increases have legal disclosure requirements called "truth-in-taxation". Here you find information about entity budgets, entity tax rates, area tax rates and truth-in-taxation.

Approved Budget Rates

The tax rate of each budget within the taxing entity.

Approved Tax Entity and Tax Area Rates

Rates approved by the State Tax Commission.

Tax Areas and Nomenclature

The current tax entities and tax areas in PDF format.


The master list of Tax Rate Forms.


The process of properly advertising for a tax rate increase. Both timing and size requirements are specified for counties, school districts, cities and towns and special service districts. It is easy to find the requirements for your entity.

Certified Tax Rates System

Welcome to the new Certified Tax Rates System, which is used by the Tax Commission and the various taxing entities of the State of Utah, including counties, cities, school districts, and special service districts. The primary use of the system is to calculate property tax rates.