Course 403


General Site Valuation & Cost Approach (AI)

This course is an in-depth review of the two basic aspects of real estate appraisal: land/site valuation and the cost approach. Students will address the actual employment and application of appraisal techniques learned in previous courses; the emphasis is on valuing sites and the various means of measuring accrued depreciation. Furthermore, students will develop skills in deriving a current cost estimate using market extraction, interview techniques, and information from professional cost data sources. This is an Appraisal Institute class. A financial calculator is required for this course; the HP-12C is recommended. Note: Cellular phones, tablets, iPads, and other devices that connect to the Internet are NOT permitted during the exam.
101, 102, 103, 29 HP12C Appr License; Suggested Course 407
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Cert Gen
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10/2/2017 to 10/5/2017
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tax Commission, 1026
210 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City
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You must be registered for this class AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE--NO EXCEPTIONS. Because of the Tax Commission's contract with AI, all students will be charged the class fee regardless of licensing status.
Please park in the employee parking area on the east side of the building.
$ 360

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Course 403, General Site Valuation & Cost Approach (AI)


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