Classification Guide – Table

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Adding Machines, Calculators3
Air Conditioners / Swamp Coolers8
Air Dancers (i.e. Inflatable Tube Man)3
Air Filtration Systems8
Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Tools and Dies25
Alarm Systems3
All Terrain Off Highway Vehicles (Age Based)9
Amplifier & Microphones3
Amusement Rides8
Apartment Furniture5
Apparel Racks5
Asphalt Paving Equipment, Heavy Equip.13
Asphalt Batch Plants, Construction13
ATM Machines3
Auditorium Seating5
Automated Pharmacy Management Systems2
Automotive Lifts and Jacks8
Automotive Lube Equipment8
Automotive Emission Testing Machines3
Automotive Engine Analysis Machines3
Automotive Service & Repair Equipment8
Baby Cribs5
Backhoe & Front End Loader Tractors13
Bakery Equipment8
Bar Equipment & Wet Stations8
Barbecue Ovens8
Bars & Back bars5
Bath Mats1
Battery Energy Storage Systems16
Battery Chargers8
Beauty and Barber Shop (Salon Fixtures)5
Beauty and Barber Shop (Salon Equipment)3
Bed Spreads, Bed Sheets & Linens1
Beds, Hotel / Motel5
Beds, Medical8
Beer Coolers8
Bicycles, Rental3
Billboard Signs16
Billboard LED components (C 7)5
Billboard (excluding LED component)16
Bill Changers3
Bins, Portable5
Blast Furnaces8
Blinds / Shades5
Boat Docks, Portable5
Boats 31 Feet or more in length17
Boats less than 31 Feet in length (age based)17a
Books & Libraries1
Booths, Sheds & Kiosks, Portable5
Bottling Equipment8
Bowling Alley Pin Setters & Equipment8
Bowling Scoring System (Digital)3
Break, Sheet metal8
Brewery / Distilling Equipment8
Broadcasting / Receiving Equipment8
Buffers, Floor8
Buildings & Sheds, (Portable)5
Bun Warmers8
Butcher Blocks and Tables5
Cable Fiber Optic, (Above ground)5
Cable Fiber Optic, (Buried)16
Cable Coaxial, (Buried or Above ground)5
Cable TV Broadcasting Equipment3
Cable TV Connection / Distribution3
Cable TV Headends3
Cad / Cam Systems Software1
Cad / Cam Systems Equipment12
Cameras, Film and Digital3
Camcorders / TV Broadcast Cameras3
Camping Gear, Short Life1
Camp Stoves3
Candy Manufacturing Furnace8
Canning Equipment8
Car Wash Equipment8
Carbonated Drink & Juice Dispensers8
Cardiac Catheterization Lab, medical2
Carpet Cleaners8
Carts, (except shopping carts)5
Cash Boxes5
Cash Registers, Manual3
Cashier Islands5
Casting Equipment8
Cat Scanners2
Cell Phones & Data Storage Devices3
Cement Batch Plants13
Cement Pump Trucks6
Cement Forms, Light Duty ## (See C7)1
Cement Forms, Heavy Duty ## (See C7)16
CEREC Systems, Dental2
Chairs, Benches & Stools5
Check Protectors3
Checkout Counters5
Chemical and Gas Systems, Semiconductor15
Choppers, All Types8
Clean Room Equipment, Semiconductor15
Cleaning / Polishing Equipment, (all types)8
Clocks & Time Register Clocks3
Clothes Dryers8
CNC Lathes, Computerized2
Coffee Grinder & Maker8
Coffee Pots and Urns1
Coils, Refrigeration8
Coin and Bill Changing Machines3
Coin Counting Machines8
Computers, Mainframe, LAN & Personal12
Computer Peripherals & Components12
Computer Software1
Computerized Assembly Machinery2
Computer Integrated Machinery2
CNC Mills & Lathes2
Compaction Equipment, Construction13
Compressors, Industrial8
Compressors, Construction13
Construction Equipment13
Containers, Shipping and Storage16
Conveyor Rack Systems, Industrial8
Conveyors & Rollers Systems, Industrial8
Conveyors, Mining & Construction13
Coolers, Retail Merchandise8
Cooling Towers8
Copiers & Copy, Fax, Printer Combinations12
Couches, Furniture5
Counters (all types)5
Counters Checkout5
Cranes, Hoists and Lifts, Industrial8
Cranes on Mobile Vehicles6
Crawler Loaders & Cranes13
Creamery, Dairy Processing Equipment8
Credit Card Imprinters3
Crushers, Construction13
Crystal Growing Equipment, Semiconductor15
Curbing Machine, Construction8
Currency Counters3
Cylinder Hone Machines8
Dairy Cases, Refrigerated8
Darkroom Equipment, Photo Film Processing8
Data Processing Equipment & Peripherals12
Dehydrators, Food8
Deionized Water Systems, Semiconductor15
Dental Equipment, Medical8
Desks, Office Fixtures5
Diamond Color Meter8
Dies, Short Life1
Directional Signs, (Construction)1
Digital Movie Projection Equipment2
Digital Projectors3
Digital X, Ray Machines2
Dinette Sets5
Disc Drives, Computer12
Display Cases (Non Refrigerated)5
Display Fixtures5
Distilling Equipment8
Ditchers, Construction13
Dividers, Room5
Dollies & Carts5
Donut Making Equipment, Bakery8
Dough Sheeters, Bakery8
Draperies & Rods5
Dressers, Nightstands & Hutches5
Drill Rigs, Non, Petroleum8
Drill Rigs, Petroleum20
Drive-Up Window Equipment (Bank)3
Drum Micrometers8
Dry Cleaning Equipment8
Deep, Fryers8
Dumpsters, Lift Type5
Duplicating Machines3
Electric Car Charging Stations8
Electrical Systems, Semiconductor15
Electrical Power Generating Equipment & Fixtures27
Electrolysis Machines, Medical8
Embroidery Machines, Automated2
Emission Testing Machines3
Encapsulation Equipment, Semiconductor15
Exam Tables, Medical8
Excavators, Construction13
Exercise & Gym Equipment5
Exhaust Systems8
Expansion Boards, Computer12
Expresso Machines & Latte Makers8
Eye Examination Equipment, Medical8
Fabric Mills* (See C, 7)8
Fans & Vent Systems8
Fax Machines3
File Cabinets & Rolling File Systems5
File Servers, Computer12
Finishers / Iron Presses8
Fire Extinguishers, Portable5
Floor Cleaners, Sweepers & Polishers8
Flag Poles5
Food Cutting and Slicing Machinery8
Food Preparation Equipment8
Food Processing Plant Equipment*8
Food Warmers8
Foundry Machinery & Equipment8
Freeze / Slush Machines8
Gamma Camera System, Medical2
Garbage, Trash Containers (20 Gal)5
Gas Lines, Petroleum20
Gas Pumps & Dispensers8
Generators, Portable8
Generators, Wind Driven20
Generators, Backup systems8
Glasswasher / Motor brush8
Global Positioning Equipment (GPS)3
Golf Carts8
Gondola Shelving5
Graders, Construction13
Grain Elevator Bins (Non Farm)16
Graphic Systems Equipment, Computer12
Greenhouses (Retail)5
Griddles, Electric and Gas8
Grills & Hoods8
Grinders, Food8
Grinders, Shop8
Grocery Display & Storage Fixtures5
Guidance Control Systems3
Guns, Firearms5
Hanging Racks5
Heaters, Portable3
Heating Systems8
Heavy Equipment, Construction, Mining13
Hoists, Electric8
Hoists and Lifts, Auto & Manufacturing8
Hoods, Vent Fans & Fire Extinguishers8
Hospital Equipment & Fixtures8
Hot Air Balloons23
Hot Tub / Jacuzzi8
Hydraulic Jacks, Portable8
Hydraulic Excavators, Construction13
Hydraulic Cranes, Construction13
Ice Cream Machines & Confectionery Equipment8
Ice Manufacturing Machines8
Ice Merchandisers8
Industrial Equipment*8
Injection Molding Equipment8
Intercom Systems3
Ironing Boards5
Jacks, Industrial / Automotive8
Jigs, Short Life1
Keratometer, Medical8
Kilns, (Dry and Tunnel)8
Kitchen Appliances8
Key Card Coder, Motels & Hotels3
Key Machine, (All types)8
Kiosk Carts & Booths5
Kiosk Vending Machines3
Lamps, Arc5
Lamps, Infrared5
Lamp, Table5
LAN Systems Hardware, Computer12
LAN Systems Software1
Lathes, Mechanical (Non CNC)8
Laundry / Dry Cleaning Equipment8
Lawn Mowers & Landscape Equip.8
LCD Panel Pen and Touch Input Displays3
Leasehold Improvements24
Lenses, Medical8
Lensometer, Medical8
Library & Media Materials / Books1
Lighting Fixtures, Personal Property Types5
Lifts, Material/Personnel, Propane or Battery8
Lifts, Material/Personnel, Gas or Diesel13
Linens, Towels, Etc.1
Liquor Dispensing Systems8
Loader / Backhoe Attachments, Tractors13
Loading Racks5
Logging Equipment13
Long Wall Mining Equipment13
Lube Systems & Devices8
Luggage Carts and Racks5
Lumber Mill Equipment8
Machine Shop Equipment* (See C, 7)8
Machinery, Production and Processing8
Maid Carts, Motel & Hotel5
Malt / Shake Mixers8
Mammography Units2
Manicure / Pedicure Tables & Fixtures5
Manicure / Pedicure Instruments3
Mannequins & Other Clothing Displays5
Manufacturing Equipment* (See C, 7)8
Massage Tables & Fixtures5
Meat Blocks5
Meat Cases, Refrigerated8
Meat Lockers8
Meat Packing & Processing Equipment8
Medical Equipment & Fixtures8
Menu Boards5
Merchandise PIckup Towers8
Mesoptomer, Medical8
Metal Fabrication Equipment*8
Metal Working Tools8
Microwave Communication Equipment3
Microwave Ovens8
Milk Processing Equipment8
Milling Equipment8
Miniature Golf Course Fixtures5
Mining Heavy Equipment13
Mixers, Industrial8
Mixers, Cement13
Modems, Computer12
Molds, Short Life1
Mortuary Equipment8
Motion Picture Prints1
Motor Homes (AGE BASED Uniform Fee per 2018 Legislation)X
Motorcycles & Scooters, Street (Age Based)11
Motorcycles, Off Highway (Age Based)9
Movie Projection Equipment8
MRI Machines2
Musical Instruments5
Natural Gas Exploration Equipment20
Night Depositories5
Nitrous Oxide Systems and Tanks8
Off, Highway Recreation Vehicles (Age Based)9
Off Highway Trucks (Non-Licensed)6
Office Furniture (except office machines)5
Office Machines (Non Computer)3
Office and Concession Trailers5
Oil and Gas Exploration Equipment20
Oil and Gas Well Equipment20
Opthalmoscope, Medical8
Optical Equipment, Medical8
Ovens, All Types8
Packaging Equipment* (See C, 7)8
Paint Mixing and Dispensing Equipment8
Paint Spray Booths8
Pallet Lifts / Jacks8
Palm Pilots, Computer12
Partitions, Movable5
Patterns, Jigs and Dies, Short Life1
Pattie Machines8
Pavement Sweepers13
Peelers, Vegetable8
Pet Grooming Equipment3
Petroleum Exploration Drilling Equipment20
Petroleum Processing Equipment20
Petroleum Refining Equipment20
Physical Therapy Machines5
Photo Film Processors, One Hour Type3
Photo Mask, Semiconductor15
Photographic Laboratory Equipment8
Pickling Machines8
Pie and Pizza Dough Rollers8
Pie Presses, Bakery8
Pile Driving Equipment, Construction13
Pinball Machines3
Pipelines & Pipe Systems, Oil & Gas16
Piping, Industrial8
Pizza Ovens8
Plants, Decorative1
Platforms, Portable5
Play Ground Equipment5
Pneumatic Tube Systems, Banks3
POS Systems, Non Manual12
POS Bar Code Scanners12
Pool Tables, Ball & Cue Racks, Sticks5
Popcorn Makers & Concession Equipment8
Porta, Potties5
Postage Meters, Office Machines3
Pots, Pans & Utensils1
Power Lines / Lighting, Portable8
Power Tools8
Precision Tools8
Prep Tables, Temperature Controlled8
Pressure Cookers8
Printing Equipment*8
Printing Presses* (See C, 7)8
Processing Equipment, Industrial8
Production Equipment, Radio & TV3
Produce Tables5
Programmable embroidery machines12
Pulley Tracks8
Pumps, Air, Water and Fuel8
Quarry Equipment13
Quilting Machines, Automated2
Racks, Garment & Other Types5
Radio Telemetry Units (RTU), Petroleum20
Railroad Cars10
Reformer / Hydroheaters, Industrial8
Refuse Bins & Containers, Roll Off Types16
Refrigerators & Freezers8
Refrigerated Display Cases8
Re-Injection Equipment, Petroleum20
Rental Computer Game Players3
Rental Media: DVS's, Blu-Ray, etc. (See C, 7)***
Rentals, Small Equipment3
Rent to Own Merchandise3
Reservation Terminals3
Retail Fixtures5
Revolving Roasters8
Riveting Machines, Industrial8
River Rafts5
Roll Dividers8
Roller Machinery8
Roofing Equipment & Tools8
Rotary Presses*8
Safe Deposit Boxes5
Sanding Machines8
Satellite / Cable Converters & Receivers12
Satellite Dishes and Antennas5
Sawmill Machinery & Equipment8
Scales, Electric3
Scales, Non, Electric8
Scales, Truck16
Scanners, Bar Code3
Scoreboards, All types5
Scrapers, Construction13
Screens, Mining13
Screens, Movie Theater5
Scuba Gear, Rental3
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment15
Service Station Equipment8
Sewing Machines8
Shadow Boxes5
Shampoo Chairs5
Sheds, Portable & Moveable Structures5
Sheeters and Molders8
Shirt Presses8
Shoe Repair Machinery8
Shopping Carts, Retail3
Showcases, Retail5
Shredding Machinery8
Signs, (Including Mechanical and Electrical)5
Signs, Billboards16
Silverware and Utensils1
Silkscreen Fixtures5
Sinks, Free Standing5
Ski Lift Equipment & Machinery8
Ski Lift Towers16
Skid Steer Loaders, Construction13
Slurry Machinery8
Small Equipment Rentals3
Small Motor Vehicles (Age Based)22a
Smelter Equipment8
Snow Cats13
Snow Removal Equipment8
Sod Cutters (Non Farm)8
Soda Fountain8
Software (Packaged)1
Solar Panels16
Solar Energy Equipment (Including Solar Panels)16
Solar Farms, Industrial16
Sound Systems3
Spas, All Types5
Speech Synthesizers3
Spray Guns8
Stamping, Metal Machinery8
Steam Cleaners and Irons8
Steam Lines / Boilers8
Steam Tables8
Sterilizers, Medical8
Storage Boxes5
Storage Bins, Containers5
Stove Hoods / Vents & Fans8
Stoves, (Electric and Gas)8
Stripping Machines8
Studio Equipment Sound & Video3
Subscriber Connection, CATV8
Surgiscope, Medical8
Surveillance Camera Systems3
Survey Devices, Transits, Laser Types3
Sweeper Vehicles, Non-Licensed13
Swimming Pool Equipment & Fixtures5
Table Saw8
Tanks, Bulk Storage16
Tanks, Portable5
Tanning Booths and Beds5
Tape Drives, Computer12
Tape Memory Units, Computer12
Telephone Systems (Phones Including Cellular)3
All Steel Poles, Monopoles, and Telephone Poles16
Teller Cages5
Test Equipment, Semiconductor15
Theater Seating and Fixtures5
Thermal Printers12
Thermometer, Medical8
Ticket Dispensers3
Tire Changing and Repair Equipment8
Tire Recapping Equipment8
Tire Racks, Portable5
Toilets, Portable5
Tonometer, Medical8
Tools, Hand & Power (All Types)8
Tooling, Industrial, Short Life1
Topogometer, Medical8
Towels & Linens1
Towers, Cell Phone, Broadcast & Ski Lifts16
Tracks, Railroad5
Tractors W / Backhoes & Front Loaders13
Trailers, Commercial21
Trailers, Boat (Age Based)21a
Trailers, Non-Commercial (Age Based)21a
Trailers, Office & Concession5
Trailers, Camping or Tent (Age Based)21a
Trailers, Travel (Age Based)18
Transmitting Towers16
Trench Boxes5
Truck Campers (Age Based)18a
Trucks, Heavy & Med Duty, (Unlicensed)6
Tuxedo & Costume Rentals1
Typesetting Equipment8
Typewriters, Office Machines3
UKU Finger Print Readers3
Ultrasonic Cleaners, All Types8
Ultrasound (Sonography) Equipment2
Utilities, (Onsite)8
Utensils & Serving Trays1
UPS, (Commercial / Industrial)8
Vacuum Cleaners8
Vacuum Systems8
Valve Grinders, Engine8
Vats, All Types5
Vending & Dispensing Machines3
Vent Fans & Hoods8
Vertexometer, Medical8
Veterinary Equipment, Medical8
Video Game Machines3
Video Recording Machines (VCR's) / CD's3
Video Tapes, DVD, CD's Blu-Ray, Non Rental1
Video Tapes, DVD & CD's Rental (see C7)**
Vision Testing Equipment, Medical8
Wafer Manufacturing Equipment, Semiconductor15
Waffle Irons8
Walk-In Refrigerators & Coolers (Portable)8
Wall Mounted Displays and Cabinets5
Washer Extractors8
Washing Machines and Dryers (Clothes)8
Water Fountains & Dispensers5
Water Heaters / Processors8
Water Purification Equipment8
Water Slides5
Water Softener Systems8
Weaving Machinery8
Welding Equipment, (All types)8
Well Boring Rigs, Truck Mounted6
Wheel Balancing & Alignment Equipment8
Wheel Bearing Packing Tools, Automotive8
Wine Barrels5
Wind Powered Electrical Generator & Tower16
Winding Machinery, Industrial8
Wiring & Cable (See C, 7)#
Wood Floors, Portable5
Wood Shop Machines8
Wrecking & Demolition Equipment8
X-Ray Machines, Medical8
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